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Gavin Scott

From the docks of Newcastle to millionaire, this is the story of Gavin Scott

Gavin Scott left school with a few basic qualifications and despite his learning difficulty with dyslexia. Gavin started his working life as a Dockyard worker in Newcastle and today earns in excess of 400,000 as one of Kleeneze's top distributors. This is Gavin's story ..

Teachers had not yet realised that young Gavin was in fact dyslexic. Gavin adds, "I lost all faith in the educational system after going through school being treated the way I was treated; even if you get all the qualifications you require, you're lucky if you get a job and stay employed."

Having no definite career plans for the future, he decided to follow his father into the Tyneside ship yards where he worked for the next nine years.

Gavin found that his income was simply a wage, and certainly not a living; he had also developed a love for surfing and was finding his income insufficient and his job restricting.

In order to pursue his desire for freedom and surfing equipment, Gavin had an idea. Maybe he could set up his own business making wetsuits. After deep consideration of the running costs and massive debt which can be incurred with a conventional business, he decided against it.

Fortunately for Gavin, a friend sent him a free information pack, and introduced him to a fantastic business opportunity from a company called Kleeneze.

Gavin earned just short of 400,000 (about four times more than the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair), building his Kleeneze business on a part-time basis with his partner, Bonnie Arapes. Gavin was presented with the Distributor of the Year award in 1994, and was also made a Kleeneze business partner.

On the subject of success, Gavin says, "I do not see myself as successful yet, as I know how big Kleeneze will get; success is different to lots of people, and I have a long way to go yet."

Gavin Scott joined Kleeneze in 1992, and his groups business turnover is now in excess of 3.8 million per month. He says, "Anyone can join and make money from day one, with training and support, they can make the same money as me. You need no skill whatsoever. The training we use is really about teaching people skills and industry knowledge."

"My friend Eddie Smith, came round one evening and in his excitement tried to sell me the idea of catalogues and Kleeneze and telling me how much money someone can make. That night I was due to visit some friends and I told Bob I was not interested. What he did do was to leave me a short video all about it and I watched it a few days later. The video showed me lots of people in beautiful locations. Some of these people were old, blind, deaf and one man had one leg! I thought if they can do it and make so much money, then I can do it too."

Gavin and Bonnie have enjoyed all expenses paid trips to Bali, Bankok, Hong Kong, Florida Keys, Australia, Arizona, a Carribean Cruise, Malta, Monte Carlo and Rome. These conferences are available to anyone who registers and builds a Kleeneze business.

Ask yourself what you would do with 50,000 per month? I remember the first time I met Gavin Scott, it was three years ago at a meeting held in the North of England and at the time he was earning 16,000 per month (only). What struck me them was how approachable and friendly he actually was. With his ponytail and shy smile, Gavin seemed very humble.

Watching him speak publicly was very inspiring, and it was clear that although this man is so humble he is definitely not timid. Bonnie has also engaged herself in public speaking and certainly will be doing more in the future but she does say, "I am still ging through my personal development and I feel fine about Gavin being seen in the limelight, he has so much to teach right now."

One day you may get the chance to meet Gavin and Bonnie, and you will see what I mean. Bonnie looks very much the little lady but don't mistake humble for timid. This woman knows a thing or two about business and personal development. Leaders are readers. If you want wealth then you need to study wealthy people, if you want happiness then you need to study people who are happy, and if you want it all, health, wealth and happiness then let me recommend a great case study. Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes.

Parts of this story have been extracted from the article "The Real Achievers"
Originally written by Jacquie Jones of Future Media UK

 Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes new 70,000 Porsche Carrera 4
Gavin Scott and his partner, Bonnie Arapes are two of Kleeneze's most successful distributors. Gavins group accounts for monthly turnovers in excess of 3.8 million!

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Kleeneze is owned by CVSL, an American holding company of successful direct sales companies, and that Direct Selling is a 2 billion industry and growing steadily. During 2012 the UK direct selling market grew by 7.2%.

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