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Gary and Sandra Dodd

I personally joined Kleeneze in August 2002, as being made redundant from a job. I was looking for something were I would work from home, as my father had a simple operation on his hip/spine, and while being in hospital he caught an infection. Since then he needs care and also has doctor & hospital appointments. He can also in the middle of the night be taken into hospital due to the pain.

I bought my kit with my Job Seekers Money; Yes I did struggle as I did have bills to pay as well. But I went ahead and signed. I walked in to the house with my business kit and retail kit, and my mums face was a picture. She said “What are you doing wasting your money on that”. Anyway that did not put me off. I went out put the Kleeneze catalogues out and within a few weeks mum saw that money could be made, and thought that two hands are better then one. So I added her to the distributorship.

We have a very good retention rate in our group, this was due to Good Team Support We gave including Sizzles, Parties etc……..We were always there for them. That also went for Customer Care. We pride ourselves on that. Being there when we said we would.

In Period 12 2006 we went GOLD……It was all worth it!

Gary and Sandra Dodd - Gold Kleeneze Distributors

Gary and Sandra Dodd Certificate of Income

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 Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes new £70,000 Porsche Carrera 4
Gavin Scott and his partner, Bonnie Arapes are two of Kleeneze's most successful distributors. Gavins group accounts for monthly turnovers in excess of £3.8 million!

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Kleeneze Testimonials

 Success now!
Success is about being in the right place at the right time. With home shopping booming worldwide and more and more people looking for ways to make an alternative income, Kleeneze is positioned in front of a huge growth wave.

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Kleeneze have just launched in Holland in the Netherlands. Join my team now and be part of our incredible growth cycle into Europe!

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 Did you know?
It requires no selling experience as the catalogues do it all for you, in fact the only time that you meet your customers is when
you deliver their goods!

 Did you know?
Kleeneze experienced 800% growth in the last 8 years and paid out more than £90 million to it's network of distributors in the last 4 years alone!
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