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Paul James

I thought you might like to read our story, and we hope that it helps people out.

I have been in the retail business now for approximately 20 years fitting car & truck tyres rising up to the rank of manager at my place of work. I was in charge of all tyre stocks, banking the days takings, petty cash etc etc.

For the past 5 years I have been feeling very disillusioned about the whole business I was in, getting up at 6.30am every morning working until 6.30pm, 6 days a week for bosses who didn't really care that you were there so long as you made them a profit.

All you could hope for is a 3-5% wage increase each year and work extremely hard for it and that will not even cover the rate of inflation.

Don't get me wrong myself and Liz are not afraid of hard work we would just like a fair days pay for a fair days work. A few years ago Liz had to take a second job at Tesco, which had to be night work because of the children, Jay 9 & Kera 5, just so would could make ends meet.

I would get home from work just as Liz would be leaving she would then get home at 7am just as I was leaving. She would have to sleep all day get up to pick the kids up from school then get ready for work and do it all again.

We had no real quality of life we were no better off ( money wise ) it just seemed we were going 1 step forward and 2 steps back. By now Liz had hurt her back shifting all the cages at work which we had to pay a chiropractor to sort it out at 25 a time so she had been off for 5 weeks with only statutory sick pay coming in we found that we couldnt pay all the bills.

Something had to change and fast.

We come up with the idea of Liz giving up the night shift and getting a day job working from home the kids were older by now. We first thought of stuffing envelopes as we had done this several years ago before kera was born, but as we found out that job just dons exist anymore.

So we started to look all over the Internet to see what we could find so at least Liz could give up her job and we would have more time together. She started to email anything that she may be able to do from home.

I would come home from work and check the emails to see if there was anything of interest, the only things of interest were just scams telling you you can make $1500 per day just by sending them some money it seemed hopeless there had to something out there.

I started collecting a mass amount of emails, every night I would fire up the PC only to find you have 30 emails relating to your search for anything to do with working from home It took ages to read through them all and by the 2nd night approximately 100 emails later I was ready to give up but then I clicked on one email sent, it didn't say an awful lot to start with and just that I had to play the short film to see how to change my life.

Thinking this would be a waist of time I just waited for the useless rubbish to playout on the screen it was
Kleeneze. I called Liz in and said I may have something she asked me what it was, I told her it was Kleeneze we both then sat down and watch the short film, I then asked her what she thought.

At first she was not keen on the idea you see she had been an Ann Summers party organizer it was OK but you had to keep at least 500 in stock at any one time and you would buy new stock every 2 - 3 weeks.

They would not let you send back old stock so if you couldn't sell it you would lose money and that could take months and she felt this would be the same.

We didn't think any more of it until the following evening when Yvonne Clark rang me asked to speak to me reference to the inquiry I made on the Internet I said I would pass on the message and let her know she called.

I told Liz that Yvonne had rang she would ring back about 10pm, Liz asked me what I thought about Kleeneze I just said speak to her and see what she has to say. Sure enough Yvonne rang and Liz talked to her for about 30 minutes.

She then told me about the chat they had and the fact you get a 2 week money back guarantee I then said that if you think you can do ring her now and order the starter kit so we can get going.

The catalogues came a few days later (150) which Liz put out that day which took Liz approximately 40min.

On going back 2 days later we weren't expecting many orders but we made 333 pounds on the first drop that's 69 pounds profit it took approximately 1 hours work to get them back in, when I came home to find that out I was gob smacked I coolant believe it, it was safe to say though catalogues went straight back out.

We then did the same thing on the 2nd drop which took about the same time and guess what? We made 389!

Never before have we have been able to earn 150 in less than 3 hours. We couldn't believe it!

Over the course of the next two and a half weeks we took so many orders that we shot through the 15% we had never been able to make that much money before in such a short time.

Things weren't going to well in work and as of 2 weeks ago ( the 25th of September ) I was laid off at work and I only got paid half my wage, it wasn't even enough to cover the mortgage so we were in trouble, we needed to make money fast.

We then decided to try Kleeneze full-time knowing full well we had to get at least 1,000 by the end of the month. We made the decision with our upline Yvonne that we would need approximately 1,000 books out a week.

In fact, we were able to get out 1,200 books in 1 week .. it was absolutely crazy!

We were able to reach 18% which probably took us about 25 hours total, we had earned more then enough to cover all the bills.

Without Kleeneze I feel we would never have been able to get the money together by the end of the month, and the work was no harder than what we have done before and you soon get into a routine.

For the first time in 20 years of work I have never felt so much satisfaction in a job. We have more quality time together as a family, we now have a whole new out look on life and if we keep working hard with Kleeneze we will never have to go back to that rat-race life again, and hard work has never bothered us.

This time we will be our own boss!

This month we start are first 4 weeks full - time with Kleeneze and with Christmas coming up who knows what sales we could make and with any luck in 2 or 3 years we will have that Ferrari!

I would also like to say that without Yvonne and Debs input, support and help every step of the way, I don't think we would have done as well.

They pushed us in ways we didn't think were feasible.

I don't know what other uplines are like but if there anything like Yvonne and Debs they should do well!


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