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Don't take my word for how successful Kleeneze distributors can be, read some of the 700+ kleeneze success stories throughout gavinscott.org and see for yourself! Here is a small selection of success stories below, many more can be found in the Kleeneze testimonials section along with press releases, featured articles, audio testimonials and much more.

Kleeneze success story - Juliet & Karim

Juliet & Karim

Bradford, Yorkshire

Kleeneze Success Story from Juliet and Karim

aving looked at this opportunity, we were very sceptical, but because of the low start up cost (with a 14 day money back guarantee) , we realised we had absolutely nothing to loose.

When we got involved, Juliet had a full time job and I worked full and part time so both time and money was tight. We also have two children who we didn't get to spend much time with. Thanks to Kleeneze Juliet now only works part time and I only work one "Job". We now have both time and money to be able to enjoy the things we previously only dreamed about.

We earn approximately 500 per week which will keep growing because of the support we get. Also Kleeneze have taken us to Monte Carlo, all expences paid, in October 2000 and South Africa in March 2003. But most importantly, it is starting to give us a lifestyle that everyone can enjoy, It's exciting and fun!

Kleeneze success story - Diane & Mick

Diane & Mick

Bradford, Yorkshire

Kleeneze Success Story from Diane and Mick

I had worked for 27 years in a warehouse, together with a part time pools round, when the opportunity to join this business arrived. Initially I worked Kleeneze for 10 hours per week in my spare time, after two months I gave up the pools round, and only 14 months later my additional income was only 50 per month less than that from my full time employment.

This situation became so stressful that, in August 2000, I gave up my full time job so as to concentrate on my own business. By December I had tripled my earnings to 2040 per month.

My wife also worked full time in nursing but is now a part time district nurse. The freedom and flexibility that we now enjoy in Kleeneze enables us to look after our two children without the stress that we previously had.

Kleeneze success story - Richard & Julie

Richard & Julie

Bradford, Yorkshire

Kleeneze Success Story from Richard and Julie

25 years working in the building trade, I worked hard, but for someone else. When Julie told me about Kleeneze I was very sceptical but we decided to give it a go. Very soon we realised the potential Kleeneze offered us and began building a business.

Following the Kleeneze system already in place, with the training and friendship of others, Julie has left her full time job after fifteen years! We've also been to Monte Carlo, all expenses paid by Kleeneze. We are now building a lifestyle instead of working for a living.

Seven years on and we have earngs in excess off 150,000 pa.

Allan & Elaine


Kleeneze Success Story from Allan and Elaine Moffat

I worked for twelve years as a joiner and Elaine was a window dresser. We wanted a better life so I bought a shop supply franchise and Elaine a ladies clothing shop, but we still only made a living. Gavin Scott told me about Kleeneze but as I had tried similar businesses before I rubbished the idea.

Finally I decided to give Kleeneze a go in my spare time. It was amazing! In our first year we had a turnover of 150,000, and in the second year 500,000. Now seven years on we have an income of over 150,000 per year!

We have bought a 50,000 LEXUS LS 400 for me and a FORD PUMA for Elaine, we've had all expenses paid trips (By Kleeneze) to Arizona, Florida keys, the Bahamas, Australia and the Caribbean, AND we've just moved into a 250,000 property.

This business has improved our lives beyond belief and it just gets better, I've yet to see a better opportunity than this one!


Jayne Powell
Jack Newman

Kleeneze Success Story from Jayne Powell and Jack Newman

10 months into the Kleeneze business we had reached 'Gold' distributor level. Effectively this means we regularly earn around 1,000 per month, which more than replaces my secretarial wage and means I no longer have to answer to a boss or deal with all the restrictions of the 9-5 rat-race.

We have just taken Jack's children to Disney World, Florida thanks to the money we are earning from Kleeneze. Our next goal is to replace Jack's wage and once we have done that we can enjoy that wonderful combination of time + money = lifestyle. We can safely say that joining Kleeneze is the best decision we ever made.

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