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Kleeneze Team Building

How to building your Kleeneze team

By introducing other people into the Kleeneze business, their sales contribute to your group turnover thus increasing your volume profit. If you were to retail just 500 per period and show 5 others how to do the same then you will be entitled to an extra 10% volume profit on the whole of your group turnover (3000):

Team Building With Kleeneze - Gavin Scott

Each person in the team would earn 105 retail profit (Doing their own retailing around wherever they live in the UK) and you would earn an additional 300 volume profit (3000 x 10%)

That is 405 per period - not bad for a few hours work! You could quite easily personally turn over 1000 per period in 10-15 hours per week. If you can find just 10 people to do the same (who would each earn 275 from their own retailing) your monthly income would be 1260, again, just for part-time hours.

This simply means by introducing people into the Kleeneze business (called sponsoring), although they will be earning their own retail profit (wherever they may live in the UK) your volume profit increases dramatically. This Kleeneze team building system has been tried and proven to work.

The higher your group sales at the end of each sales period, the higher your volume profit.

Building your Kleeneze team

Building your team in Kleeneze is simple with the Kleeneze plan

When you are ready to start building your own Kleeneze team, you will get all the support you need from your sponsor, and from Kleeneze. Together, everyone achieves more.

Please do not make the mistake of seeing this as pyramid selling, where a few people at the top make all the money whilst exploiting those at the bottom. Kleeneze is a strong, legitimate business that has been in operation for almost 80 years and has a clear plan that quite simply, works.

Why not take a look at the Kleeneze plan for yourself? You can view it in English, German or Dutch.

 Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes new 70,000 Porsche Carrera 4
Gavin Scott and his partner, Bonnie Arapes are two of Kleeneze's most successful distributors. Gavins group accounts for monthly turnovers in excess of 3.8 million!

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Join my team now and be part of the incredible growth cycle as Kleeneze expands into further countries.!

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 Did you know?
It requires no selling experience as the catalogues do it all for you, in fact the only time that you meet your customers is when
you deliver their goods!

 Did you know?
Kleeneze is owned by CVSL, an American holding company of successful direct sales companies, and that Direct Selling is a 2 billion industry and growing steadily. During 2012 the UK direct selling market grew by 7.2%.

Wealth warning

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.


Earning potential will vary based upon the number of hours an individual will put into the business.


Promoter: Kleeneze UK Ltd, Express House, Clayton Business Park, Accrington, BB5 5JY

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