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Top Retailers

Period 1 Week 4 - January 2012

Top Retailers

Top Retailers over 1000 bp - Don't miss a level by a few points     

1300   =   13%        
2250   =   15%      
3400   =   18%                     
5100   =   21%     
7500   =   24%     

Why not copy and paste figures into excell and see what number you are in the top retailers. Look for other names around you and see how you do each week.    

If you don,t know how to copy and paste, ask somebody to show you, local 14 years are expects look who's on track to be in the 2000 points club.

Week 4 Kleeneze top retailers

kleeneze top retailers period 3, well done to all the new kleeneze agents in UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany
who hit the first bonus level of at least 650 points.

TONKIN (C) (R) (UK) 6023.53
MOUSLEY (C) (R) (UK) 5092.07
HAMMOND (C) (R) (UK) 4169.56
BEAL (C) (R) (UK) 4137.86
PAYNE (C) (R) (UK) 4032.36
MORRIS (C) (R) (UK) 3783.59
NICHOLLS (C) (R) (UK) 3643.44
CUNNINGHAM (C) (R) (UK) 3637.44
SAGOO (C) (R) (UK) 3504.29
MERVIN (C) (R) (UK) 3440.29
MARIS (C) (R) (UK) 3414.60
E Lamb (C) (R) (UK) 3355.99
NEESHAM (C) (R) (UK) 3348.34
SIDHU (C) (R) (UK) 3251.40
COLLINS (C) (UK) 3222.64
TOWLER (C) (R) (UK) 3097.48
HIBBERT (C) (R) (UK) 3054.96
JACOBS (C) (R) (UK) 2993.48
MARGRAVE (C) (R) (UK) 2979.14
R Webber (C) (R) (UK) 2975.10
FLAWN (C) (R) (UK) 2973.19
WALLACE (C) (R) (UK) 2972.61
TORKINGTON (C) (R) (UK) 2936.65
BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 2935.72
L Wilson (C) (R) (UK) 2692.52
DAVEY (C) (R) (UK) 2681.38
PEULEVE (C) (R) (UK) 2655.11
M Tucker (C) (R) (UK) 2575.14
FISHER (C) (R) (UK) 2501.85
DOWNES (C) (R) (UK) 2493.12
MARWOOD (C) (R) (UK) 2462.73
HARTLEY (C) (R) (UK) 2449.95
TAYLOR (C) (R) (UK) 2442.03
K Hall (C) (R) (UK) 2431.85
O'REILLY (C) (R) (UK) 2426.42
M Armstrong (R) (UK) 2403.48
RUSSELL (C) (R) (UK) 2392.74
BLAXALL (C) (R) (UK) 2368.42
MEDD (C) (R) (UK) 2365.07
HOWE (C) (R) (UK) 2352.51
WATSON (C) (R) (UK) 2337.45
HRYNKIEWICZ (C) (R) (UK) 2336.07
E Cook (C) (R) (UK) 2323.92
HARDY (C) (R) (UK) 2318.76
M Lorrison (C) (R) (UK) 2316.23
NATH (C) (R) (UK) 2313.20
WALTON (C) (R) (UK) 2311.53
DEAN (C) (R) (UK) 2310.35
A Fitzgerald (C) (R) (UK) 2295.81
SPAFFORD (C) (R) (UK) 2293.45
A Cusworth (C) (R) (UK) 2286.39
S Ahmed (C) (R) (UK) 2280.89
S Spence (C) (R) (UK) 2280.11
ROWE (C) (R) (UK) 2275.09
TURNBULL (C) (R) (UK) 2273.00
MARZILLIUS (C) (R) (UK) 2271.44
KIRKLAND (C) (R) (UK) 2268.49
WHITTAKER (C) (R) (UK) 2261.34
THRELFALL (C) (R) (UK) 2259.04
WHEATLEY (C) (R) (UK) 2256.18
LEE (C) (R) (UK) 2254.76
A Salfarlie (C) (R) (UK) 2229.40
S Ford (C) (R) (UK) 2229.32
CONNOR (C) (R) (UK) 2225.06
BIRD (C) (R) (UK) 2170.43
CAMPBELL (C) (R) (UK) 2152.24
DIMITROVA (C) (R) (IRE) 2148.53
SLATER (C) (R) (UK) 2124.72
HERBERT (C) (R) (UK) 2111.97
BARDEN (C) (R) (UK) 2110.89
BATE (C) (R) (UK) 2108.14
ALLGOOD (C) (R) (UK) 2104.67
SHARMA (C) (R) (UK) 2103.19
BISHOP (C) (R) (UK) 2087.46
COO (C) (R) (UK) 2072.91
BALCOMBE (C) (R) (UK) 2068.39
COUCHMAN (C) (R) (UK) 2065.47
McLACHLAN (C) (R) (UK) 2064.61
READ (C) (R) (UK) 2050.95
SHERRY (C) (R) (UK) 2040.67
HUSSAIN (C) (R) (UK) 2021.71
HARRIS (C) (R) (UK) 2004.95
KENT (C) (R) (UK) 2003.98
PACE (C) (R) (UK) 2002.37
CURLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1992.62
K Mackay (C) (R) (UK) 1991.33
MACKELDEN (C) (R) (UK) 1973.95
TITTERRELL (C) (R) (UK) 1968.35
OLIVER (C) (R) (UK) 1960.55
PACE (C) (R) (UK) 1960.24
DIVERS (C) (R) (UK) 1953.67
WALLACE (C) (R) (UK) 1953.03
CURTIS (C) (R) (UK) 1950.82
P Van Staden (C) (R) (UK) 1945.79
MASON (C) (R) (UK) 1944.24
BELL (C) (R) (UK) 1916.82
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 1915.33
POPE (C) (R) (UK) 1912.89
MONTGOMERY (C) (R) (UK) 1907.47
EKVALL (C) (R) (UK) 1901.80
NEEDHAM (C) (R) (UK) 1879.86
HANSEN (C) (R) (UK) 1879.58
SIGGS (C) (R) (UK) 1874.33
BLAKE (C) (R) (UK) 1867.81
GLEW (C) (R) (UK) 1863.15
PUSEY (C) (R) (UK) 1857.40
PARRY (C) (R) (UK) 1851.29
DAVIES (C) (R) (UK) 1839.71
FOWLER (C) (R) (UK) 1828.81
DE SOUSA (C) (R) (UK) 1827.66
HAY (C) (R) (UK) 1806.76
WEBB (C) (R) (UK) 1804.33
B Monksfield (C) (UK) 1804.15
HEWITT (C) (R) (UK) 1792.75
LUDLOW (C) (R) (UK) 1784.32
BERRY (C) (R) (UK) 1784.17
PUCKERING (C) (R) (UK) 1780.18
WHITEAR (C) (R) (UK) 1779.22
L Cook (C) (R) (UK) 1770.00
R Molson (C) (R) (UK) 1767.27
STOTT (C) (R) (UK) 1760.45
SHANKS (C) (R) (UK) 1748.95
A Jasinavicius (C) (R) (UK) 1741.68
BOWDEN (C) (R) (UK) 1738.33
VYAS (C) (R) (UK) 1735.27
CORCORAN (C) (R) (UK) 1728.73
L Mitchell (C) (R) (UK) 1716.26
GOODGER (C) (R) (UK) 1698.76
K Cartwright (C) (R) (UK) 1698.13
DALE (C) (R) (UK) 1691.42
DAVIES (C) (R) (UK) 1677.96
R Whittaker (C) (R) (UK) 1673.73
WEBBER (C) (R) (UK) 1657.66
A Macur (C) (R) (UK) 1654.89
RICE (C) (R) (UK) 1652.95
COLEMAN (C) (R) (UK) 1652.43
GEE (C) (R) (UK) 1650.45
WARRINER (C) (R) (UK) 1650.26
GEORGIOU (C) (R) (UK) 1644.24
CANNINGS (R) (UK) 1642.65
THOMAS (C) (R) (UK) 1642.53
CROSS (C) (R) (UK) 1642.30
HUMPHRIES (C) (R) (UK) 1641.46
RUSSELL (R) (UK) 1633.27
V Yale (C) (R) (UK) 1629.33
COTTON (C) (R) (UK) 1622.42
SLOPER (C) (R) (UK) 1619.30
LOVELOCK (R) (UK) 1617.38
PEULEVE (C) (R) (UK) 1613.60
S Dawson (C) (R) (UK) 1612.10
GERRY (C) (R) (UK) 1608.39
LONGWRIGHT (C) (R) (UK) 1607.22
ASHLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1590.91
BUTLER (C) (R) (UK) 1589.44
WELLS (C) (R) (UK) 1586.50
D Appleford (C) (R) (UK) 1586.18
DAVIS (C) (R) (UK) 1584.85
COPSON (R) (UK) 1584.34
Husein (C) (R) (UK) 1582.00
MARSH (C) (R) (UK) 1581.23
REILLY (C) (R) (UK) 1575.46
DAVIES (C) (R) (UK) 1571.60
J Corby (C) (R) (UK) 1569.94
PAGE (C) (R) (UK) 1569.45
TWIDDY (C) (UK) 1566.93
MULLINS (C) (R) (IRE) 1563.59
K Ward (C) (R) (UK) 1555.11
ELT (C) (R) (UK) 1552.50
SOCHANIK (C) (R) (UK) 1539.58
HEATH (C) (R) (UK) 1538.96
SEALEY (C) (R) (UK) 1538.00
SIMS (C) (R) (UK) 1537.62
MARSHALL (C) (R) (UK) 1535.64
J Goody (C) (R) (UK) 1533.00
HAYDOCK (C) (R) (UK) 1526.78
MOYNIHAN (R) (IRE) 1523.77
A Sweetman (C) (R) (UK) 1520.53
M Wallace (C) (R) (UK) 1519.42
WEBSTER (C) (R) (UK) 1517.13
GRINEV-BRANCH (C) (R) (UK) 1516.26
J Wendt (C) (R) (UK) 1509.32
K Ellerby (C) (R) (UK) 1503.91
Cresswell (R) (UK) 1499.37
BROWNE (C) (R) (IRE) 1498.97
MELIA (C) (R) (UK) 1488.00
P Heaton (C) (R) (UK) 1486.65
LIKHOGUB (C) (R) (UK) 1484.42
COMAN (C) (R) (UK) 1483.93
ETCHES (C) (R) (UK) 1481.48
LEJINS (R) (UK) 1480.80
WARRENER (C) (R) (UK) 1480.22
IRVING (R) (UK) 1466.05
GARNER (C) (R) (UK) 1463.06
WILLIS (C) (R) (UK) 1462.32
WILKINSON (C) (R) (UK) 1457.95
WRIGHT (C) (R) (UK) 1456.77
BLANSHARD (C) (R) (UK) 1455.60
HOUGHTON (C) (R) (UK) 1449.11
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 1447.32
JOHNS (C) (R) (UK) 1445.75
MARR (C) (R) (UK) 1436.95
J Baulk (C) (R) (UK) 1431.45
CHECKLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1427.51
L Wood (C) (R) (UK) 1425.46
J Smith (C) (R) (UK) 1421.88
SAUNDERS (C) (R) (UK) 1421.42
LYALL (C) (R) (UK) 1415.72
MILLIN (C) (R) (UK) 1413.96
D Smith (C) (R) (UK) 1405.60
HOOK (C) (R) (UK) 1403.76
L Trowell (C) (R) (UK) 1402.84
PICKUP (C) (R) (UK) 1401.46
MEIKLE (C) (R) (UK) 1399.65
FOX (C) (R) (UK) 1398.17
C Moore (C) (R) (UK) 1397.30
COLAM (C) (R) (UK) 1396.70
PRICE (C) (R) (UK) 1395.44
PLEASANT (C) (R) (UK) 1394.14
CAVE (C) (R) (UK) 1392.64
AHMED (C) (R) (UK) 1388.55
PARKER (C) (R) (UK) 1382.86
ROWE (C) (R) (UK) 1382.61
ROTHWELL (R) (UK) 1381.60
HOCKLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1380.28
REGAN (C) (R) (UK) 1379.86
JONES (C) (R) (UK) 1378.31
MULLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1377.93
Hanlon (C) (R) (UK) 1376.20
LAYDON (C) (R) (UK) 1373.81
PAXTON (C) (R) (UK) 1371.99
SHAW (C) (R) (UK) 1371.70
HOMER (C) (R) (UK) 1371.29
Pastor (C) (R) (UK) 1371.12
BETJEMANN (C) (R) (UK) 1370.40
CLARK (C) (R) (UK) 1367.96
GUNN (C) (R) (UK) 1361.32
WILLIAMS (C) (R) (UK) 1358.58
ROGERS (C) (R) (UK) 1357.17
S Stonelake (C) (R) (UK) 1355.05
MASON (C) (R) (UK) 1353.98
HILL (C) (R) (UK) 1353.44
HARRISON (C) (R) (UK) 1352.72
R Vonderdell (C) (R) (UK) 1352.42
AFZAL (C) (R) (UK) 1351.52
FARRELL (C) (R) (UK) 1351.02
FOUNTAINE (C) (R) (UK) 1348.87
HINDS (C) (R) (UK) 1348.33
T Sales (C) (R) (UK) 1348.32
BACH (C) (R) (UK) 1347.22
ARNOTT (C) (R) (UK) 1347.12
Chaplin (C) (R) (UK) 1346.78
MOSS-BAKER (R) (UK) 1346.69
M Welch (C) (R) (UK) 1346.64
BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 1345.78
J Murphy (C) (R) (UK) 1342.69
WHITE (C) (R) (UK) 1340.43
R Haydon (C) (R) (UK) 1338.19
I Cameron (C) (R) (UK) 1335.84
HALE (C) (R) (UK) 1335.51
FARMER (C) (R) (UK) 1334.25
IRVING (C) (R) (UK) 1332.19
SHEPHERD (C) (R) (UK) 1331.02
CAROLAN (C) (R) (IRE) 1329.06
SAVILLE (C) (R) (UK) 1328.26
BANKS (C) (R) (UK) 1327.58
BEDFORD (C) (R) (UK) 1326.33
SHARP (C) (R) (UK) 1324.27
Hadley (C) (R) (UK) 1323.87
P Rosser (C) (R) (UK) 1323.53
MCKENNA (C) (R) (IRE) 1323.51
CADMAN (C) (R) (UK) 1323.02
WARD (C) (R) (UK) 1321.19
HALLATT (C) (R) (UK) 1321.06
O'NEILL (C) (R) (UK) 1320.20
A Pope (C) (R) (UK) 1320.06
P Johnson (C) (R) (UK) 1317.39
MORRIS (C) (R) (UK) 1317.31
ATKINS (C) (R) (UK) 1315.82
DAWKES (R) (UK) 1314.34
A Voller (C) (R) (UK) 1314.09
HALSALL (C) (R) (UK) 1313.09
HAWKES (C) (R) (UK) 1312.81
WATERFALL (C) (R) (UK) 1310.22
D Anderson (C) (R) (UK) 1308.58
HANLON (C) (R) (UK) 1305.50
WALTHAM (C) (R) (UK) 1303.69
KETTLEWELL (C) (R) (UK) 1303.50
D Key (C) (R) (UK) 1296.10
GIERGIEL (C) (R) (UK) 1291.42
REES (C) (R) (UK) 1288.28
CREED (C) (R) (UK) 1285.40
SEWELL (C) (R) (UK) 1283.81
HUGHES (C) (R) (UK) 1281.26
MISTRY (C) (R) (UK) 1281.07
GREEN (C) (R) (UK) 1276.09
S Nugent (R) (IRE) 1271.89
PARKER (C) (R) (UK) 1271.55
TITMUSS (C) (R) (UK) 1271.06
HOLMES (C) (R) (UK) 1269.31
DAVIES (C) (R) (UK) 1266.46
SOUTHERN (C) (R) (UK) 1264.93
CLARE (R) (UK) 1257.71
K Boardman (C) (R) (UK) 1254.78
M Rendle (C) (R) (UK) 1252.17
MITCHELL (C) (R) (UK) 1242.23
HORSMAN (C) (R) (UK) 1233.89
M Cross (C) (R) (UK) 1232.46
J Allan (C) (R) (UK) 1228.38
D Hanlon (C) (R) (UK) 1227.30
FINIGAN (C) (R) (UK) 1226.78
RATTRAY (C) (R) (UK) 1226.28
HILL (C) (R) (UK) 1220.75
PHILPOTT (C) (R) (UK) 1220.67
LOVELOCK (C) (R) (UK) 1220.55
CHANDLER (C) (R) (UK) 1216.50
JACKSON (C) (R) (UK) 1214.17
MARSHALL (C) (R) (UK) 1203.32
BANNISTER (C) (R) (UK) 1198.21
Killelay (C) (R) (UK) 1190.11
ANDERSON (C) (R) (UK) 1188.91
SADLER (C) (R) (UK) 1188.90
WATKINS (C) (R) (UK) 1187.23
N Longman (C) (R) (UK) 1184.29
DOUGLASS (C) (R) (UK) 1181.29
S Smith (C) (R) (UK) 1180.53
Roberts (C) (R) (UK) 1179.83
C Edwards (C) (R) (UK) 1178.25
R Andrew (C) (R) (UK) 1176.70
WILLIAMSON (C) (R) (UK) 1172.93
HICKS (C) (R) (UK) 1170.77
L Mccormack (C) (R) (UK) 1170.65
STRACHAN (C) (R) (UK) 1168.33
SANDS (C) (R) (UK) 1164.60
R Gould (C) (R) (UK) 1160.17
FRIENLING (C) (R) (UK) 1153.85
SEYMOUR (C) (R) (UK) 1153.22
M Turner (C) (R) (UK) 1151.27
WOORE (C) (UK) 1150.78
LONG (C) (R) (UK) 1149.51
SHARP (C) (R) (UK) 1146.84
HINDMARSH (C) (R) (UK) 1146.37
M Smith (C) (R) (UK) 1146.19
O'SHAUGHNESSY (C) (R) (UK) 1139.49
BULLOUGH (C) (R) (UK) 1138.90
BURGESS (C) (R) (UK) 1138.11
TOWNHILL (C) (R) (UK) 1137.85
KILCAWLEY (C) (R) (IRE) 1131.05
MANSLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1128.28
J Guy (C) (R) (UK) 1126.84
DUFFY (C) (R) (UK) 1126.20
CROSBY (C) (R) (UK) 1125.67
AVERY (C) (R) (UK) 1122.96
STOREY (C) (R) (UK) 1119.66
MCNALLY (C) (R) (UK) 1119.59
R Helmn (C) (R) (UK) 1117.69
HODGSON (C) (R) (UK) 1117.49
BARRY (C) (R) (IRE) 1117.18
FOX (C) (R) (UK) 1117.01
SNOW (C) (R) (UK) 1115.61
S Smith (C) (R) (UK) 1114.82
WATERFALL (C) (R) (UK) 1113.90
MCEWAN (C) (R) (UK) 1113.09
G Baker (C) (R) (UK) 1109.37
A Hughes (C) (R) (UK) 1106.60
WOODWARD (C) (R) (UK) 1102.39
RALPH (C) (R) (UK) 1099.62
YOUNG (C) (R) (UK) 1097.31
PLATTS (C) (R) (UK) 1096.76
CHAMBERS (C) (UK) 1094.21
GREEN (C) (R) (UK) 1094.00
BROWN (C) (R) (UK) 1092.46
WILLIS (C) (R) (UK) 1092.32
ABRAHAMS (C) (R) (UK) 1091.04
TYSON (C) (R) (UK) 1088.64
HOYLAND (C) (R) (UK) 1085.91
J Cornhill (R) (UK) 1085.69
A Davidson (C) (R) (UK) 1083.48
GREAVES (C) (R) (UK) 1075.82
Fawcett (C) (R) (UK) 1075.06
WARBURTON (C) (R) (UK) 1074.57
FOSTER (C) (R) (UK) 1073.19
M Duffin (C) (R) (UK) 1072.65
LONGHURST (C) (R) (UK) 1072.28
BIBBY (R) (UK) 1071.36
K Peace (C) (R) (UK) 1069.12
RUSSELL (R) (UK) 1067.63
KELLY (C) (R) (UK) 1067.49
LAWSON (R) (UK) 1062.21
P Raeburn (C) (R) (UK) 1060.47
K Sorensen (C) (R) (UK) 1058.95
BARNES (C) (R) (UK) 1058.29
RUSHTON (C) (R) (UK) 1057.97
TOWNSEND (C) (R) (UK) 1057.02
LEIGH (R) (UK) 1054.37
STROWBRIDGE (C) (R) (UK) 1050.25
L Davies (R) (UK) 1049.91
MILLERSHIP (C) (R) (UK) 1047.92
MCNALLY (C) (R) (UK) 1045.23
SHEWRY (C) (R) (UK) 1044.98
POTSE (C) (R) (UK) 1043.35
EYRES (C) (R) (UK) 1042.10
JOSHI (C) (R) (UK) 1041.49
RADBOURNE (C) (R) (UK) 1040.64
MELVILLE (C) (R) (UK) 1037.89
HAYNES (C) (R) (UK) 1036.30
G Connell (C) (R) (UK) 1032.59
Mc GUINNESS (C) (R) (UK) 1031.23
EDEES (C) (R) (UK) 1026.33
KEMM (C) (R) (UK) 1022.36
GRAHAM (C) (R) (UK) 1021.41
FORMBY (R) (UK) 1020.75
G Ryan (C) (R) (IRE) 1019.61
WHEELER (C) (R) (UK) 1019.50
MERGLER (C) (R) (UK) 1019.07
L Garnham (C) (R) (UK) 1019.01
M Archer (C) (R) (UK) 1014.51
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 1014.25
DEACON (C) (R) (UK) 1012.91
WHITAKER (C) (R) (UK) 1012.08
A Rennison (C) (R) (UK) 1011.34
STAFFORD (C) (R) (UK) 1011.01
SZABO (C) (R) (UK) 1010.82
TUESLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1009.85
POCOCK (C) (R) (UK) 1006.03
McNALLY (C) (R) (UK) 1002.64
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 1001.95
BIRTWISTLE (C) (R) (UK) 1001.82
J Gulliver (C) (R) (UK) 1000.43
JAMIESON (C) (R) (UK) 998.48
DAVEY (C) (R) (IRE) 996.14
C Shepherd (C) (R) (UK) 995.94
LAING (C) (R) (UK) 993.58
D Herd (C) (R) (UK) 992.25
EASBY (C) (R) (UK) 989.81
MITCHELL (C) (R) (UK) 987.15
DOLAN (R) (UK) 979.58
M Adkins-Smith (C) (R) (UK) 978.01
J Lamb (C) (R) (UK) 975.35
G Holtom (C) (R) (UK) 975.10
PENNEY (C) (R) (UK) 974.31
CURTIS (C) (R) (UK) 972.55
R Fraser (C) (R) (UK) 971.20
WATSON (C) (R) (UK) 966.04
SHAW (C) (R) (UK) 965.92
SUNTER (C) (R) (UK) 964.76
WALLACE (C) (R) (IRE) 964.66
Clark (C) (R) (UK) 957.49
M Jones (C) (R) (UK) 957.33
SIVYER (C) (R) (UK) 952.14
DUGGAN (C) (R) (UK) 951.00
TYLER (C) (R) (UK) 949.51
SLADE (C) (R) (UK) 947.95
VICKERS (C) (R) (UK) 946.77
TURNER (C) (R) (UK) 945.54
J Ross (C) (R) (UK) 945.04
S Gibson (C) (R) (UK) 943.44
K Harvey (C) (R) (UK) 939.74
P Matsikidze (C) (R) (UK) 939.54
JOYCE (C) (R) (UK) 938.85
G Russell (R) (UK) 938.15
TURNER (C) (R) (UK) 937.48
J Mckim (C) (R) (IRE) 936.81
L Down (C) (R) (UK) 934.37
HUGHES (C) (R) (UK) 929.07
AYRE (C) (R) (UK) 927.91
K Stansfield (C) (R) (UK) 927.57
GILL (C) (R) (UK) 926.77
ALONSO (C) (R) (UK) 926.67
JONES (R) (UK) 925.48
EVANS (R) (UK) 924.94
K Boardman (C) (R) (UK) 924.24
D Harvey (C) (R) (UK) 922.90
BROWN (C) (R) (UK) 922.06
COLLIN (C) (R) (UK) 920.68
HARWOOD (C) (R) (UK) 919.53
KITCAT (C) (R) (UK) 919.48
HOROBIN (C) (R) (UK) 916.19
FARROW (C) (R) (UK) 914.11
GREENING (C) (R) (UK) 911.59
CURWEN (C) (R) (UK) 911.51
NELMS (C) (R) (UK) 909.56
GALLANT (C) (R) (UK) 908.72
WHELAN (C) (UK) 908.51
J Atkinson (C) (R) (UK) 905.81
O'SHEA (C) (R) (IRE) 903.66
WYNTER (C) (R) (UK) 902.57
PERKINS (R) (UK) 901.08
DEAN (C) (R) (UK) 900.55
MATTHEWS (R) (UK) 900.46
COOK (C) (R) (UK) 900.25
BERNARD (C) (R) (UK) 898.36
BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 895.03
A Judge (R) (UK) 893.44
COTTON (C) (R) (UK) 892.45
R Cummings (C) (R) (UK) 891.60
FOWLER (C) (R) (UK) 890.06
KELLY (C) (UK) 881.51
BLAKE (C) (R) (UK) 881.29
WINCH (C) (R) (UK) 880.99
KELLY (C) (R) (UK) 879.50
MARLOR (C) (R) (UK) 879.33
E Kyffin (C) (R) (UK) 878.97
CHAMPION (C) (R) (UK) 878.71
A Foggitt (R) (UK) 876.06
SATCHELL (C) (R) (UK) 875.17
CROSSEN (C) (R) (UK) 875.10
ROWE (C) (R) (UK) 874.47
S Hallows (C) (R) (UK) 874.01
SHARP (C) (R) (UK) 873.15
HOWSON (C) (R) (UK) 870.88
ZAMAN (C) (R) (UK) 869.71
POTTER (C) (R) (UK) 869.28
L Peake (UK) 868.52
NOTMAN (C) (R) (UK) 868.00
DAVIES (C) (R) (UK) 867.11
I Tomlinson (C) (R) (UK) 867.09
G Thurlow (C) (R) (UK) 866.70
HOLROYD (C) (UK) 865.87
M Sutton (R) (IRE) 865.07
R Henney (R) (UK) 864.64
LAPPIN (C) (R) (UK) 864.60
JOHNSON (R) (UK) 864.56
J Christie (R) (UK) 863.89
DRAPES (C) (R) (UK) 863.58
GARTON (C) (R) (UK) 862.31
SCOLLEN (C) (R) (UK) 862.01
TETLOW (C) (R) (UK) 861.66
WALKER (C) (R) (UK) 861.55
SHYPITKA (C) (R) (UK) 861.02
DAY (C) (R) (UK) 860.01
C Wright (C) (R) (UK) 857.38
FORD (C) (R) (UK) 856.02
HOLLAND (C) (R) (UK) 855.86
PENDLEBURY (C) (R) (UK) 854.70
JOULES (C) (R) (UK) 854.03
THOMPSON (C) (R) (UK) 853.40
A Dennis (C) (R) (UK) 851.46
HUTCHINSON (C) (R) (UK) 849.38
D Parry (C) (R) (UK) 849.29
Broom (C) (R) (UK) 849.17
K Whitehouse (C) (R) (UK) 848.78
WILLIAMS (C) (R) (UK) 847.74
HUGHES (R) (UK) 846.41
BARTON (C) (R) (UK) 846.33
J Stuart (C) (R) (UK) 845.83
PATMORE (C) (R) (UK) 844.49
MCCLORY (C) (R) (UK) 841.49
A Hillman (C) (R) (UK) 840.45
M Tye-Walker (C) (R) (UK) 840.42
VIEIRA (C) (R) (UK) 840.19
SLY (C) (R) (UK) 839.93
CRAVEN (C) (R) (UK) 839.18
J Croft (C) (UK) 837.95
PEDLOW (C) (R) (UK) 837.15
REES (C) (R) (UK) 836.28
J Cadman (C) (R) (UK) 834.53
D Hicks (C) (R) (UK) 833.16
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 831.10
D Parish (C) (R) (UK) 830.75
C Holgate (C) (R) (UK) 829.88
THOMSON (C) (R) (UK) 829.23
TIBBETTS (C) (R) (UK) 829.18
GARWOOD (R) (UK) 827.93
ISRAEL (C) (R) (UK) 827.35
HULLAH (C) (R) (UK) 824.41
NEVILLE (C) (R) (UK) 823.49
CLARK (C) (R) (UK) 821.84
WALTERS (C) (R) (UK) 820.40
BULLOCK (R) (UK) 819.99
HATTER (C) (R) (UK) 819.58
J Smith (C) (R) (UK) 818.41
THOMPSON (C) (R) (UK) 818.16
PERE (C) (R) (UK) 817.91
HEWETT (C) (R) (UK) 816.98
R Morgan (R) (UK) 816.98
SUNTER (C) (R) (UK) 814.50
MANSELL (C) (R) (UK) 814.09
P Heaton (C) (R) (UK) 811.68
JOHNSON (R) (UK) 810.80
J Hemingway (C) (R) (UK) 810.53
NEWMAN (C) (R) (UK) 810.10
M Oliver (C) (R) (UK) 808.83
S Grey (C) (R) (UK) 805.75
TURNBULL (C) (R) (UK) 805.64
E Dickins (C) (R) (UK) 804.48
A Henley (C) (R) (UK) 804.12
MCGONAGLE (C) (R) (IRE) 803.07
CORMACK (C) (R) (UK) 802.60
L Clapton (C) (R) (UK) 801.71
CLELAND (C) (R) (IRE) 801.20
FRANCIS (C) (R) (UK) 800.67
BRANSON (C) (R) (UK) 795.82
DARLING (C) (R) (UK) 793.84
P Manson (C) (R) (UK) 792.38
THOMPSON (C) (R) (UK) 792.33
THORPE (C) (R) (UK) 789.22
CROWSON (C) (UK) 786.84
P Kirkpatrick (R) (UK) 786.03
WILKES (C) (R) (UK) 784.69
M Harling (C) (R) (UK) 784.60
S Cardwell (C) (UK) 783.95
H Husein (C) (R) (UK) 783.31
FRYER (C) (R) (UK) 782.88
ROBINSON (C) (R) (UK) 779.91
M Smith (C) (R) (UK) 778.52
KETTLE (C) (R) (UK) 776.11
JONES (C) (R) (UK) 775.45
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 775.36
AKHURST (C) (R) (UK) 775.17
J Nkurunziza (C) (R) (UK) 774.82
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 772.02
WHEELER (C) (R) (UK) 772.00
SPURGE (C) (R) (UK) 770.52
PEARSON (C) (R) (UK) 770.03
OWEN (C) (R) (UK) 769.70
J Whitwell (C) (R) (UK) 769.69
MCKIE (R) (UK) 769.20
HUBERY (R) (UK) 767.04
N Coombes (R) (UK) 767.01
BANNISTER (C) (R) (UK) 765.96
R Jones (C) (R) (UK) 765.16
COATS (C) (R) (UK) 764.16
STEPHENSON (C) (R) (UK) 763.57
PARRY (C) (R) (UK) 763.38
P Vaughan (R) (UK) 762.85
DUFFY (C) (R) (UK) 761.68
C Fruin (C) (R) (UK) 760.97
H Lindsay (C) (R) (UK) 759.62
ABRAHAMS (C) (R) (UK) 759.00
SERRETTE (R) (UK) 758.94
JEACOCK (R) (UK) 758.06
C Jennings (C) (R) (UK) 757.62
K Gearing (C) (R) (UK) 757.51
M Gray (C) (R) (UK) 757.14
WILLIAMS (C) (R) (UK) 756.51
RHODES (R) (UK) 756.16
C Skellern (C) (R) (UK) 756.07
SLADE (C) (R) (UK) 755.97
S Jessop (C) (R) (UK) 755.97
C Dashwood (R) (UK) 755.77
SIGSWORTH (C) (R) (UK) 755.63
RENDLE (C) (R) (UK) 755.41
S Tolhurst (C) (R) (UK) 754.39
Knight (C) (R) (UK) 753.90
WILAPAUK (C) (R) (UK) 753.68
SMITH (C) (R) (UK) 752.08
S Kennedy (C) (R) (UK) 752.03
L Allen (C) (R) (UK) 751.89
FRICKER (C) (R) (UK) 750.54
BROWN (C) (R) (UK) 749.90
P Gray (UK) 748.23
AINSLIE (C) (R) (UK) 746.24
BORYS (C) (R) (UK) 745.70
Bernie (C) (R) (UK) 745.56
P Slater (C) (R) (UK) 745.19
C Stanley (C) (R) (UK) 745.07
COMERFORD (C) (R) (UK) 744.62
I Hutchinson (C) (R) (UK) 744.58
D Thrussell (R) (UK) 744.40
SANDOM (C) (R) (UK) 743.79
Rapstone (C) (R) (UK) 742.85
R Smith (R) (UK) 742.28
M Bowers (C) (R) (UK) 740.31
PRINGLE (C) (R) (UK) 740.14
FRANCIS (C) (R) (UK) 738.53
KNIGHT (C) (R) (UK) 737.02
LONSDALE (C) (R) (UK) 736.40
BOWES (C) (R) (UK) 736.39
J Oliver (C) (R) (UK) 736.35
P Cory (C) (R) (UK) 734.72
J Partington (C) (R) (UK) 734.30
UPPAL (C) (R) (UK) 734.07
POOLEY (C) (R) (UK) 733.16
CRESSWELL (C) (R) (UK) 732.22
T Houldershaw (R) (UK) 731.71
P Towning (C) (R) (UK) 731.53
BEAL (C) (R) (UK) 731.45
FLINT (C) (R) (UK) 730.41
OETJEN (C) (R) (UK) 729.39
WILLIS (C) (R) (UK) 728.05
G Elendu (C) (R) (UK) 725.84
BURMAN (C) (R) (UK) 725.75
BONNER (C) (R) (UK) 725.55
MEHEW (C) (R) (UK) 724.62
D Farrugia (R) (UK) 724.02
M Smith (C) (R) (UK) 721.67
S Romaine (C) (R) (UK) 721.01
MISTRY (C) (R) (UK) 720.95
BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 720.02
C Longman (C) (R) (UK) 719.92
ROPER (C) (R) (UK) 719.71
Clark (C) (R) (UK) 718.29
W Merrishaw (C) (R) (UK) 716.75
HOLSMAN (C) (R) (UK) 716.63
Burgess (C) (R) (UK) 714.05
MATTHEWS (C) (R) (UK) 713.97
UPTON (R) (UK) 713.88
McGINTY (R) (UK) 711.37
Wilson (R) (UK) 710.89
STIRRUP (C) (R) (UK) 710.50
D Gillon (C) (R) (UK) 709.73
DAVIS (C) (R) (UK) 708.02
J Hayes (C) (R) (UK) 708.00
BRADLEY (C) (R) (UK) 707.82
S Woolf (C) (R) (UK) 707.52
ARMSTRONG (C) (R) (UK) 707.16
SCOWEN (C) (R) (UK) 705.29
TURNER (C) (R) (UK) 704.43
M Marsh (R) (UK) 704.13
G Jones (C) (R) (UK) 702.56
WARDEN (C) (R) (UK) 702.43
HOBDEN (C) (R) (UK) 701.35
WILKINSON (C) (R) (UK) 701.26
HALL (C) (R) (UK) 701.12
MITCHELL (C) (UK) 700.11
BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 698.46
D Orme (C) (R) (UK) 698.44
BAINS (C) (R) (UK) 697.77
HOLLAND (C) (R) (IRE) 697.13
RIGG (C) (UK) 696.99
G Taylor (C) (R) (UK) 696.34
L Avery (C) (R) (UK) 695.45
ANDREWS (R) (UK) 695.25
D Winson (C) (R) (UK) 695.07
ABERCROMBIE (C) (R) (UK) 695.03
TIZARD (C) (R) (UK) 694.87
M Wirdnam (C) (R) (UK) 694.14
LUCAS (C) (R) (UK) 693.35
POOLE (C) (R) (UK) 693.02
J Watkins (R) (UK) 692.77
V Tardif (C) (R) (UK) 692.20
MEADOWS (C) (R) (UK) 692.17
Smith (R) (UK) 691.49
HOWARTH (C) (UK) 690.81
BURRAS (C) (R) (UK) 689.31
RICE (C) (R) (UK) 688.71
Park (C) (R) (UK) 687.88
RIDER (C) (UK) 687.78
PIKE (C) (R) (UK) 687.55
OSBORNE (C) (R) (UK) 687.40
STAPLETON (C) (R) (UK) 687.36
JEX (C) (R) (UK) 686.63
SPRAY (C) (R) (UK) 686.08
DODGIN (C) (R) (UK) 685.18
GARDNER (C) (R) (UK) 683.59
Valentine (C) (R) (UK) 682.85
ANDERSON (R) (UK) 682.62
SHEEHAN (C) (R) (UK) 681.50
WALKER (R) (UK) 680.74
C Lockwood (C) (R) (UK) 680.38
M Agyemang (C) (R) (UK) 680.24
M Dyer (C) (R) (UK) 680.08
THOMPSON (C) (R) (UK) 679.62
L Kagusa (R) (UK) 679.54
S Ellson (R) (UK) 679.34
BRANCH (R) (UK) 678.62
M Carroll (C) (R) (UK) 678.61
D Whelband (C) (R) (UK) 678.48
P Cartwright (C) (R) (UK) 677.62
S Wood (C) (R) (UK) 677.51
N Coventry (C) (R) (UK) 677.51
N Noel (C) (R) (UK) 677.30
ERSKINE (C) (R) (UK) 676.58
A Snelling (C) (R) (UK) 674.76
STONALL (C) (R) (UK) 674.09
EMERY (C) (R) (UK) 673.69
De Schoolmeester (C) (R) (UK) 673.68
K Akrivo (C) (R) (UK) 673.29
GRANT (C) (R) (UK) 672.80
M Turnbull (C) (R) (UK) 672.16
BIGGAR (C) (R) (UK) 671.78
TONNER (C) (R) (UK) 671.72
CLARKE (C) (R) (UK) 670.95
ELONHEIMO (C) (R) (UK) 670.79
V De Castro (C) (R) (UK) 670.11
L Barnfield (C) (R) (UK) 670.02
A Stavely (C) (R) (UK) 667.98
SAMUEL (C) (R) (UK) 667.84
M Clough (C) (R) (UK) 667.05
PUTTICK (C) (R) (UK) 666.91
Sharp (C) (R) (UK) 666.40
J Conroy (C) (R) (UK) 666.39
Y Gable (C) (R) (UK) 666.27
B Curtis (C) (R) (UK) 666.07
SORRELL (C) (R) (UK) 666.03
GUDINI (C) (R) (UK) 665.30
J Laing (R) (UK) 663.85
HARRIS (C) (R) (UK) 663.26
M Fitzgibbon (C) (R) (UK) 663.15
CLEUGH (C) (R) (UK) 662.93
M Green (UK) 662.93
S Sengupta (C) (R) (UK) 662.87
FULLER (C) (R) (UK) 662.67
T Green (C) (R) (UK) 662.38
N Edwards (C) (R) (UK) 662.26
J Jackson (C) (R) (UK) 661.43
BURNETT-HOCKEY (C) (R) (UK) 661.27
K Anwar (R) (UK) 661.08
M Williams (C) (R) (UK) 660.98
GRIFFIN (C) (R) (UK) 660.84
GRIEVE (C) (R) (UK) 660.42
A Jilani (C) (R) (UK) 659.72
WHITE (C) (R) (UK) 659.05
CLARKE (C) (R) (UK) 658.58
A Bates (C) (R) (UK) 658.40
D Blackman (C) (R) (UK) 656.79
BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 656.76
P Griffin (C) (UK) 656.59
H Canning (C) (R) (UK) 656.57
R Pickard (C) (R) (UK) 656.52
P Simpson (C) (R) (UK) 656.15
S Fuller (C) (R) (UK) 656.11
TRELOAR (C) (R) (UK) 655.72
FISHER (C) (R) (UK) 655.65
OWEN (C) (R) (UK) 655.58
SALTER (C) (R) (UK) 655.42
CLARKE (C) (R) (UK) 655.35
B Lightowler (C) (R) (UK) 654.52
PHOENIX (R) (UK) 654.35
D Wilson (C) (R) (UK) 654.15
FAIRHURST (C) (R) (UK) 653.42
GELDARD (C) (R) (UK) 653.25
TARTUFOLO (C) (R) (UK) 652.87
LEONARD (C) (R) (UK) 650.92
A Bonner (C) (R) (UK) 650.79
PAYNE (C) (R) (UK) 650.75
N Bentley-Clarke (C) (R) (UK) 650.43
R Anderson (C) (R) (UK) 650.23
GREENWOOD (C) (R) (UK) 650.18
C Irving (C) (R) (UK) 650.08





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